Sunday, September 4, 2011

"BEE" Art Smart

This year I have a bulletin board that I can actually use right away! I am in the old wood shop room (the building is from the late 50's) and there are no bulletin boards -- just white dry erase boards placed over old chalkboards.

In the middle of last school year however, one of my old chalkboards was replaced with an actual bulletin board!!!! I was soo happy! I have two more that will hopefully be replaced sometime this school year! (hopefully sooner then later)

This year at my middle school we are doing PBIS -- a school-wide Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support program. Pretty much we reward positive and good behavior. We do not ignore the bad behavior though -- the kids just dont get a reward.

As part of this program, each teacher is supposed to have a board with the school motto on it. Ours at CCMS is to be a Peaceful, Positive and Productive school.

I wanted to post images here for all to see. Maybe it will inspire you.

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