Friday, September 23, 2011

Fantastic Castles

The first project of the school year is finally done and hanging! -- well at least the 6th grade one is. We spent an entire class mod (about 80minutes) looking at and discussing architecture from around the world and through out time. They really liked seeing all the different buildings and even commented on how even though they are from different cultures and times they all have similar features. 

I was really impressed with their ability to figure that out as well as articulate it.

After discussing everything they began to draw their castles out. Some students focused on castles, others were really interested in the catherdals. Especally St. Basil's in Moscow Russia. They kept calling the onion domes hersey kisses. It was really cute.

The level of discussion and talent in the 6th grade never ceases to amaze me. They are a constant surprise with their vocabulary and ideas.

After they had drawn out their castles we talked about and looked at different types of patterns. They had to decorate the facade of their castle with different patterns. 

Eventually the castles were cut out and glue to a piece of watercolor paper that had been given a colorful watercolor wash background. The contrast between the black and white buildings and the backgrounds are great! I just love how they came out.

I am extremely please with the way they all came out. I cant wait to see what else theses students have in store for the rest of the year. 6th grade is always exciting for me -- new kids coming from all different elementary schools -- it is just great! 

the only bad thing is --- this is the first time most of the have art. It is horrible that the kids have to suffer no art in elementary schools because of budget reasons.

But the end of a project is both a sad and a happy time. We are going to try to stay happy!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"BEE" Art Smart

This year I have a bulletin board that I can actually use right away! I am in the old wood shop room (the building is from the late 50's) and there are no bulletin boards -- just white dry erase boards placed over old chalkboards.

In the middle of last school year however, one of my old chalkboards was replaced with an actual bulletin board!!!! I was soo happy! I have two more that will hopefully be replaced sometime this school year! (hopefully sooner then later)

This year at my middle school we are doing PBIS -- a school-wide Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support program. Pretty much we reward positive and good behavior. We do not ignore the bad behavior though -- the kids just dont get a reward.

As part of this program, each teacher is supposed to have a board with the school motto on it. Ours at CCMS is to be a Peaceful, Positive and Productive school.

I wanted to post images here for all to see. Maybe it will inspire you.