Sunday, November 20, 2011

Decoration Crazy

This year I was very exited and lucky when I was able to get the back of my classroom back from the speech department! Now I have room to expand as well as display more stuff. 

Most of my permanent bulletin boards were derived from the Art with Mr. E blog (the one above and the no no board below). I really love the way they came out.

All of the student artwork is usually displayed outside the art room on hallway boards near the main office and cafeteria so it is very rare for me to have artwork in the art room. This year, however, I am using the yarn and laundry clips I found to display artwork around the room. I am hoping to change it often and hopefully create an environment of student pride in their work.

We are also required to create work walls for our lessons but because I teach three different grades (6,7, and 8) it was easier this year to create three boards -- one for each grade. However, instead of creating a board with just words I have added pictures to the board to help the students remember the art terms, styles, periods and technique.

This still life board is for the 8th grade. When I took the pic over a month ago, it was unfinished but I will be taking a newer photo soon to post.