Saturday, October 30, 2010

Looking in the mirror

49/365 Domo Self Esteem
Originally uploaded by Chris Gritti

I was never one to walk around with my head held high. I was never one to believe in myself.

Then things changed. As I got older and wiser, I started seeing myself in new ways. I started looking at myself differently. I dont know if it was because of my art, my sorority sisters, age or my faith. But I changed.

Lately I have been reverting to my old self. The me that is worried about how I look, worried about what others think of me and my art. It is like being in middle school all over again. Then again I am teaching in a middle school and see my students go through the same transition I did.

Maybe I am channeling their emotions and self esteem issues. Maybe I am seeing a bit of me in each one of them.

I just need to remember that I am me and that is the best I can be. I need to remember that I am a winner and that I value myself.