Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi, Ho Its off to work I go

In less then two weeks it will be the offical start to a new school year.

All summer long I have looked foward to this time. I was excited for what I have planned. I am still excited that I am getting to use all of my classroom this year.

I just wish I had more time. But then again my students are probably wishing the same thing.

I have so many wonderful art projects planned for this first semester classes that I just cant wait to teach them as well as see the work the students will come up with. I plan to get more art projects done this time around. Last year I was only able to get 6-7 projects done with each grade level. This time around I am hoping to get 10 projects.

I dont know if this is ambitous of me but I know the students want more and it isnt fair that they cant get more cause the class is only half a year.

We will just have to see.

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