Monday, January 30, 2012

Symmetrical Name Design Creatures

With last week the beginning of a new semester it is also a new beginning here in the art room. My class is only a semester long and I got a new group of kids last week.

To begin this semester off I wanted to see how creative the kids can be as well as assess their problem solving skills when it comes to visual work.

To begin with we folded a 12x18 size paper in half the long ways (i also tell the kids it is like a hot dog cause they use that in the elementary schools) and they need to write their names on the fold nice and big.

Next they need to create a mirror reflection of their name, the kids held up the paper to a window to trace their name since I don't have a light box.

At this point they need to turn their paper vertical.

Here is where their creativity and problem solving skills come into play. They need to create a creature -- insect, animal, or monster -- using the letters from their name as a base. they get to add lines and shapes but they cannot take away. 

Once the drawing is done they have to trace all lines with a black crayon and then paint in with watercolor paints.

Since the kids are in the last day of completing them I will have pictures of their work up later on in the week.

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