Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy First Two Weeks!

 Today marks the final day of the first two weeks of school for us here in Maryland. There are so many new and exciting things happening here in the art studio. 

1. I am now teaching almost the entire school! Yup that is right! 435 7th graders, 487 8th graders and about 80 6th graders make up my class load this year. Now normally I teacher semester classes on an every other day schedule which comes out to about 46 days of class time. But this year I am teaching quarter classes every other day which comes out to 23 days of class time! I am not sure how much I am can get done with these kids during that time but I am going to try. 

2. My brandy new ceramics kiln! If you have read my pervious posts you will already know how excited I am to have this new and awesome piece of equipment ion the art room this year! I have already ran it twice -- once to set the kiln wash on the shelves and another to create test tiles of glazes that I already have in stock! Some of these colors are amazing and I just want to buy more! 

3. As if last night (I made this decision while washing the dishes) I want to plan and host an art show either this April or May. Not sure which month and I am not sure how this will go since this will be my first art show in the five years I have been teaching. 

4. My Dell LCD projector is broken! Now this is not a good excited but rather a OMG now what am I going to do?! But I have to say so far it in has worked out exteremly well. When I was student teaching I never used the projector or the Elmo document camera mainly because the schools I was in didn't have them. But since I started teaching I have become so reliant on the technology that I have forgotten how to teach without it. These past two weeks has helped me see that I am just as good of a teacher without it as I am with it. 

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