Sunday, April 8, 2012

Klimt Pattern People

This is the third time I have taught this project and usually the students love it. This time it was weird. They seemed to like it but it was like they didn't care. Having students not care is not unusual for a middle school but it is something I don't usually encounter with this project.

For this project the students are introduced to the art of Gustav Klimt and a basic introduction of the Art Nouveau art movement. The main focus is on line, pattern and design. What is really interesting is how the students handle a new medium -- white charcoal on black paper. usually everything we do starts with white paper and pencil. This use of the white drawing on black paper works well and I feel challenges the students a bit.

I am excited to see what the other students say about the artwork. Usually the rest of the school loves to look at these drawings and comment of the patterns, the models/celebrities and the fashions drawn.


  1. Hosting an art show is a lot of work. But it is pretty rewarding when it all comes together! Good luck whether you decide to do one next month or next year!!

  2. You are right ! They were interested in working for once! Thank you so much for sharing