Sunday, January 22, 2012

3D Illuminated Letters Final Post

Here we are with the final pictures of the 7th graders 3D letters. After we used the Elmers art paste to attach the newspaper to our base, the students painted a layer of gesso or primer.

Half way through all the students, we ran out of gesso and had to use white tempera paint. Unfortunatly, this way I will run out of white paint very quickly but the students were so happy with the way their letters were turning out I am not sure I care.

Once the gesso was dried, the students began to add designs onto their letters using tempera and acrylic paint. Some of the students drew out designs first then added color (this way took longer but looks neater) and others just added color.

The letters came out amazing in the end. This was my first time teaching this lesson and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. I cant wait to see how they will turn out next year!


  1. Very nice - I bet the kids are proud of these!. I'm a freak for papier-mache. So I have a question/perhaps advice for future papier-mache. Your newspaper looks very colorful. Are you using the glossy advertisements etc? If so, you should get rid of them. They are not as absorbent as the regular newspaper so don't give you gentle curves, etc. You'll have a much smoother surface without them. Another hint: I have my students massage their work as they add to it. This also makes for a much smoother finish and the kids love having their hands in the "dog drool" anyhow!

    Keep an eye on my blog in about another week when we start to papier-mache our cats. I'll have a lot of hints!

    1. This was my first time actually working with paper mâché. We tended to use mostly advertisements and coupons instead of the actual newspaper. I had such problems with the kids touching the art paste... It could be because I called it elephant snot.

  2. I love the way you have taken the time to document all the different steps of your progress. Thanks!!